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Gotham Scholars is a 501c3 education non-profit organization. Our program is dedicated to providing year round support in academics, leadership, life skills, and college readiness. The principal at Gotham Professional Arts Academy believes the students cannot aim for what they do not see...so we help them see the possibilities that await. From self discovery to college selection, our community gets to know the students as humans and scholars to help support them on their academic journey to greatness.

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Quawnaisha, Class of '22

"Gotham Scholars gives me purpose"

College Students on Break

Shian, Class of '23

"I love the inclusive, active conversation in the class. There are so many diverse ideas between my peers."

Amelia, Class of 2027

"At Scholars, I know the community has my back. No matter how late it is there is always someone to support my success"