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Extracurricular Enrichment

Supporting Student Passion, Interests, and Talents outside of Academics


Our comprehensive and dynamic curriculum is designed to equip our scholars with academic, creative and skills training to help them thrive in their future endeavors. Through a holistic approach, we provide a wide range of educational, creative and wellness opportunities to help our students discover their passion, develop stamina and consistency in skill building, and have fun outside of their rigorous academic schedule.

Many of our scholars attend schools with limited resources for extracurricular activities, but we believe they are essential to their development and growth. It is through partnerships and caring enrichment programs that support our students, that we are able to provide this extra enrichment for our scholars.


Our scholars engage in activities that boost their intellect and well-being, thanks to partnerships with top organizations in filmmaking, debate, and yoga & mindfulness.

Reel Works Logo.png

Reel Works

  • Our scholars dive deep into the art of documentary filmmaking, and are guided through idea crafting, story telling and pitching. They explore the nuances of bringing compelling narratives to the forefront.

  • We develop their ability to shape and communicate their ideas clearly and persuasively.

  • Collaboration and teamwork are at the core as students assume various roles, from directing to scriptwriting.

  • The program builds confidence and encourages students to embrace risk-taking. Engaging in filmmaking, often a new endeavor for many, pushes them out of their comfort zones, promoting growth and adaptability.

BDL Logo.png

Brooklyn Debate League

  • Scholars develop confidence and overcome the fear of public speaking by empowering them to voice their thoughts assertively and with conviction.

  • Learn to formulate and articulate their ideas with clarity and persuasiveness.

  • Develop critical thinking, reasoning, and wit as our scholars learn to analyze information critically, construct logical arguments, and respond to opposing viewpoints with insight.

  • Scholars are challenged to think on their feet, adapting to new information and perspectives.

  • Students enhance their ability to gather, analyze, and use information to support their arguments, a skill set that serves them well beyond the debate arena.

Home Power Yoga Logo.png

Home Power Yoga

  • Scholars are introduced to the concept of balance, patience and mindfulness, adopting practices from the class that prepare them for a well-rounded life and help them navigate life's challenges with calm and centeredness.

  • Cultivate physical strength and flexibility, learning to push their limits and embrace change.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of holistic health, and lean to integrate healthy eating and nutrition as key components of overall well-being.

  • Scholars gain an appreciation for self-care and mental wellness and learn the significance of effective stress management techniques.

Partner With Us

We are always looking for extraordinary partners to join our community. 


We support scholars in discovering new passions and strengthening their skills over the summer. Some past summer programs, students have participated in include:

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