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Gotham Scholars focuses on the WHOLE STUDENT. We help students bridge the academic gap with an interdisciplinary educational curriculum, professional mentorship, college access, and success support. We aim to support students with the skills they need to enhance their readiness for college and beyond. We believe equity in education serves students in many areas and are honored to spend seven years with them to help them achieve their academic goals.


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Academic Enrichment

Developing Intellectual Curiosity, Global Awareness, & Effective Communication Skills


  • Prepare students for the organization and stamina needed for higher level education through engaging classes and a real-life application learning focus. 

  • Engage students’ intellectual curiosity and desire to increase their depth of thinking and quality in communicating ideas both written and verbal.

  • Provide students with technology training to enhance their skills as a student (eg. google suite, canva, organizers, Chat GBT, typing class etc). 

  • Motivate students to strive for their highest level of excellence and reach their greatest potential as a student

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Providing Academic Guidance & Support starting in 10th grade and through college to ensure they have someone supporting throughout their academic journey.


  • Scholars & Professional attend weekly mentor meetings (zoom or in person)

  • Mentors meet with scholars to discuss time/stress management tips and read/discuss current events

  • Scholars work with mentors to explore and apply extracurricular activities from 10th through 12th grade

  • Our mentors are the backbone of the organization. They can provide a consistent source of academic support & guidance from the moment Scholars join our organization through to college graduation.

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College Access / Success

Preparing scholars for Post-Secondary Success.


  • College Awareness / Readiness -  Starting in 10th grade, help scholars understand campus life, explore diverse academic offerings, and envision their future paths through college visits (virtual and in-person), networking with college students, and guest speakers that speak of their college & career path.


  • Test Prep - Gotham Scholars is proud to partner with Advantage Testing [link:]  to provide tailored SAT/ACT Test Prep during their junior year in high school.


  • College Application Support - We support rising seniors with the application process by hosting a College Bootcamp the summer before 12th grade with school visits, application support, essays assistance and more.

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Fostering Comprehensive Growth, Creativity, & Continuous Learning.


  • Stimulate scholars’ curiosity, expanding their horizons and fostering a conducive environment for continuous growth and exploration beyond academics. Our collaborations with Brooklyn Debate League, Reel Works, and Home Power Yoga enrich our scholars' experiences.

  • Encourage scholars to cultivate their personal and social skills, enhancing their ability to communicate, collaborate, and lead. These skills are developed through hands-on experiences in team settings and performances.

  • Inspire students to pursue excellence and self-improvement in all areas

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