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College Access Class


We are a 501C3 education non-profit that supports highly motivated NY public high school students with academic enrichment, extracurricular activities, mentorship and college access. It is our mission to help bring equity and diversity to college classrooms and beyond.

Our weekly STEM program combines math fundamentals and problem solving with culinary cuisine and nature. We use at home cooking labs, logic and environmental science to develop mathematical thinking. 

Our weekly Leadership class provides exposure to colleges across the country, diverse professional guest speakers, and essential life skills essential for today's college student. 

Our weekly ELA classes cultivate college level literary discussion and provides a foundation for the writing process. We utilize fiction and non-fiction text to enhance vocabulary, critical thinking, comprehension and communication.

Our mentors are a special group of professionals that volunteer their time to provide support in the areas of stress management, discussing current events and supporting students with identifying extracurricular opportunities.

We are a 501c3 funded by individual contributors that believe in the simple idea that all humans should have the opportunity to aim high. 100% of your dollars will be applied to supporting our students with classroom, technology, extra curricular, and college access work.

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